Permits & Licences

Permits & Licenses

Dog Licenses & Building Permits

Dog tags expire on December 31st of each year and must be renewed at the beginning of each year.

Tags now cost $20.00 for all dogs. If you are picking up your dog tag after Feb 28. The cost will be $30.00 

Dog License Application

Building Permits

Information relating to the types and usage of Permits can be found on the Planning and Development page.

Construction/Demolition Permit Application

Marriage, Lottery Licenses, etc

Contact: Cassandra Child  Clerk/Treasurer  (705) 273-2313 ext 311


All Forms

Application for Consent 

Business License Application 

Complaint Form 

Delegation Form for Council

Dog Tag Application

Entrance Permit Application PART A

Entrance Permit PART B

Fire Control Schedule 

Firefighter Application

Gym Membership Application

Landfill Site Access Card Application

Minor Variance

Request to use Municipal infrastructure for commercial - heavy traffic operations

Tile Drainage Application (NeCN)

Water shut-off acknowledgment

Water Vacancy

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