Kyla Riach


Kyla Riach was born in southwestern Ontario, moved several times across Canada and then met and married her husband who was a deeply rooted farmer. Kyla raised her family on a dairy farm along with her husband and his family, until they decided to make a change in their lives. Kyla, her husband, 3 of her 4 children and her 4 grandchildren moved to Black River Matheson in 2017. The farming focus changed from dairy to beef and they haven't looked back, operating a cow-calf operation along with operating an on-farm store and being an active participant in local farmer's markets. She is a member of the Matheson Ag Society and the Cochrane District Cattlemen's Association.


Kyla has a Finance diploma and has 12 years of experience in banking, and over 20 years of bookkeeping experience. As her children were growing up, she followed her call into Ministry and focused on child, youth and family ministry. Kyla believes in being deeply rooted in her community and has jumped in with both feet since arriving in Black River Matheson. She applied for and was appointed to a vacancy on Council in the fall of 2017, has served on the Library board, the Museum board and tries to immerse herself in regional opportunities as they present themselves.


Kyla is looking forward to continuing her term on this Council and serving the community always to the best of her abilities.

Phone : (705) 288-2278

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