Jo-Anne Barber


Jo-Anne Barber was born in Matheson, grew up in Shillington and attended High School in Iroquois Falls.  She has a university degree from Laurentian University in Modern Languages. Jo-Anne proceeded to earn a law degree from the University of Windsor Law School. After graduating from the University of Windsor Law School in 1982, Jo-Anne spent the summer in Sherbrooke, Quebec on a common law-civil law exchange program, improving her French and learning about the Quebec Civil Code.  Jo-Anne obtained her licence to practice law in 1984.  Before settling into the practice of law, she spent a year with the Ombudsman's Office, providing service across North Eastern Ontario from the North Bay office.  Jo-Anne's entire career in the practice of law for the last 35 years has been in the Black River-Matheson and Timmins areas.  She has been a business person in the community throughout that time and was also the area director for Legal Aid for the District of Cochrane for 25 years:  from 1985-2010.  To further her education throughout her practice, she pursued courses in mediation.  She was accepted into Harvard Law School where she obtained a certificate in the Program of Instruction for Lawyers in Mediation.   In addition to Jo-Anne's formal education, she was a municipal councillor for the 2006-2010 term, and the 2014-2018 term.  

"Je suis une anglophone qui a pris le temps d'apprendre la langue française"



Phone: (705) 273-2151

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