Dave Dyment

My education in business led to a successful career in the building and construction industry that spanned 24 years. I am honoured to announce that in addition to being elected President of the regional Home Builders Association, I was also chosen to serve as the Provincial Director. A local mine has employed me as a miner for the past ten years of my working there. Alongside my volunteer work as a fireman for the past ten years, I continue to contribute to the community by working on local building projects.

I would like to see more programmes for families and pre-schoolers, as well as additional employment options for adolescents. In order to broaden the tax base, I will fight for the creation of additional businesses and industries. I would like to investigate new opportunities and programmes that are available to our senior citizens.

My all-time favourite saying is, "Rest at the end, not in the middle."

Phone: 1-705-465-3850

Email: ward3@twpbrm.ca




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