Allana Schmidt

Thank you kindly for the opportunity and privilege to represent our community.
10 years ago, my husband our daughter and I bought a property in the township of Black River-Matheson.  We were all born and raised in southern Ontario - and came here to build a better life.  A life that would be surrounded with the natural beauty of untouched Canadian wilderness, a place where we'd feel safe letting our children play outside,  somewhere where the community felt like family.  We found it all here.  We've since had 2 more children and continue to develop our property with the intention of watching our children, grand-children and great-grandchildren grow up in this absolutely wonderful part of the world.  
It is my sincerest hope that in my time with council I am able to elevate what is already beautiful within Black River-Matheson.  I am here, first and foremost to hear what needs to be said by our residents, and with positivity move towards every possible opportunity for change that will see our community come together with the common goal to always make our lives better.  
I am as invested in this as you are.  I am here for life.  Making the right decisions for us all matters to me.  Let's work together to preserve the beauty that already exists in this township so that we can begin to build it up into all the great things it has the potential to become.

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